Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Programme Code: DK_BBSMA_D
Mode of Delivery:Full Time, Part Time, Modular, Distance Education - DKIT, Full Time Blended-Learning, On-line, Part Time Blended-Learning
No. of Semesters:6
NFQ Level:7
Programme Credits:180
Language of Instruction:English
Department:Business Studies

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner should be able to :

PO1Knowledge - Breadth
 (a)Specialised knowledge across a variety of areas. A developed and integrated knowledge of basic business areas:
 (b)Management and Organisation (Including: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Enterprise, Marketing , Strategy…)
 (c)Regulatory and Control Environment (Including Taxation, Auditing and Corporate Governance …)
 (d)Information and Communication System (Including: Accounting Information and Communications Technology, Systems Development and Management …)
 (e)Economics (Including: Sectoral and International Econometrics and History …)
 (f)A recognition of how business functions interrelate and are integrated.
PO2Knowledge - Kind
 (a)Recognition of limitations of current knowledge and familiarity with sources of new knowledge; integration of concepts across a variety of areas.
 (b)Elaborated understanding and preliminary critical orientations towards established business framework and theories.
 (c)An integrated application towards disparate subject areas.
 (d)Contextualised and specialised knowledge of specific aspects of the business environment.
PO3Skill - Range
 (a)Demonstrate specialised technical, creative or conceptual skills and tools across an area of study.
 (b)Demonstrate an ability to communicate to both peers and supervisors, on technical matters in the particular sub-field of business.
 (c)Demonstrate the techniques, skills and knowledge for training in the particular sub-field of business.
 (d)Demonstrate from the knowledge the specialist technical know-how, relevant to the particular sub-field of business.
PO4Skill - Selectivity
 (a)Exercise appropriate judgement in planning, design, technical and/or supervisory functions related to products, services, operations or processes.
 (b)Awareness of planning, design and innovation issues.
 (c)Awareness of the issues related to the non-structured business scenarios.
PO5Competence - Context
 (a)Utilise diagnostic and creative skills in a range of functions in a wide variety of contexts.
 (b)Ability to supervise specific work tasks.
 (c)Ability to analyse, interpret and manipulate data in pursuit of solutions to specific business problems.
PO6Competence - Role
 (a)Accept accountability for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes; take significant or supervisory responsibility for the work of others in defined areas of work.
 (b)Ability to take direction, accept criticism and use feedback to enhance own performance and that of others.
 (c)Capacity to participate constructively, (contribute and collaborate), in a non-structured team environment, across the core business area.
 (d)Self-directed in terms of time, motivation and planning; and self-aware to be open and sensitive to others.
PO7Competence - Learning to Learn
 (a)Take initiative to identify and address learning needs and interact effectively in a learning group.
 (b)Ability to integrate knowledge and work-life experiences.
 (c)Ability for autonomous, independent learning.
 (d)Identify learning needs and develop learning competencies through case study, discussion groups and/or problem based learning.
PO8Competence - Insight
 (a)Express an internalised, personal world view, manifesting solidarity with others.
 (b)Appreciation of social, community and ethical issues in a business context.
PO9Competence - InsightA developed knowledge of sustainability and how business activities need to meet the needs of business and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.
PO10Knowledge - KindAddress problems with cultural and environmental sensitivity with an international professional orientation
PO11Knowledge - BreadthDemonstrate personal attributes and skills that form the basis of an entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour and raise the awareness of learners about entrepreneurship as a possible career options.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
BUSS B7Z04 Creativity for Innovation
MRKT B7004 Marketing
MATH B7009 Business Mathematics
ACCT B8003 Accounting for Business ( Part 1 of 2 )
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z01 Spanish 1
FREN C8Z01 French 1
CHIN B7001 Chinese 1
ENGL C8Z01 English 1
TOUR B7004 Introduction to the Global Tourism Industry
BUSS B7Z03 Intercultural Studies 1 (Irish Society)

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
ACCT B8003 Accounting for Business ( Part 2 of 2 )
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z02 Spanish 2
FREN C8Z03 French 2
CHIN B7002 Chinese 2
ENGL C8Z03 English 2
TOUR B7001 The Geography of Travel and Tourism
PLSC B7Z02 Intercultural Studies 2 (Shape of Europe)
UNASSIGNED Free Choice Elective 1
PSYC H7010 Developmental Psychology
PREL B8016 Advertising
YTWK B7001 Working with Young People
ARTS H7013 Realistic Theatre
EDUC H8002 Service Learning

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
BUSS B7015 Management Studies
PRPF H7005 Life Skills for the Enterprising Graduate
ACCT B7Z08 Cost Accounting
LAW B7Z02 Foundations of Law
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z14 Spanish 3
FREN C8Z05 French 3
CHIN B7003 Chinese 3
ENGL C8Z05 English 3
MGMT P7Z04 Tourism Operations Management
BUSS B7017 Intercultural Studies 3 (America)

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
BUSS B7020 ICT for Business
BUSS B7021 Perspectives in Entrepreneurship
SPOR H7014 Intercultural Competence
LAW B7Z01 Elements of Business Law
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z04 Spanish 4
FREN C8Z07 French 4
CHIN B7004 Chinese 4
ENGL C8Z07 English 4
TOUR B7Z03 Business Tourism
BUSS B7019 Intercultural Studies 4 (Middle East and Africa)

Stage 3 / Semester 1

Group Elective 1
Module Code Module Title
ECON B7Z08 Microeconomics
FNCE B7Z02 Financial Management
BUSS B7023 Human Resources in Organisations
MGMT B7015 Management Information Systems
Group Elective 2
Module Code Module Title
STAB B8Z01 Studies Abroad 1
Group Elective 3
Module Code Module Title
PLCE B8007 Work Placement*
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z05 Spanish 5
FREN H3040 French 5
CHIN B7005 Chinese 5
ENGL B7Z19 English 5
ENGL E7005 Erasmus English 1
TOUR H7003 Contemporary Issues in Tourism

Stage 3 / Semester 2

Group Elective 1
Module Code Module Title
NOCODE118 Enterprise Development Project
MGMT B7012 Operations Management
EBUS B7013 e-Business
Group Elective 2
Module Code Module Title
STAB B8Z01 Studies Abroad 1
Module Code Module Title
SPAN B7Z06 Spanish 6
FREN B7Z06 French 6
CHIN B7006 Chinese 6
ENGL B8009 English 6
ENGL E7006 Erasmus English 2
TOUR H7Z01 International Tourism Management
ECON B7002 Economics
RESA B7007 Business Research Project
ORGN B8Z01 Organisation Behaviour in an Intercultural Context