Full Title:Youth Work Practice 2
Module Code:YTWK H7003
Credits: 7.5
Valid From:Semester 1 - 2013/14 ( September 2013 )
Module Delivered in 1 programme(s)
Module Description:no description provided
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to
  1. Research and devise an appropriate youth work programme suitable for delivery.
  2. Deliver and evaluate an appropriate youth work programme in a youth work setting using relevant outcomes focus model.
  3. Describe personal learning goals under the headings - knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  4. Articulate and analyse the concept of young people in context, and identify key partnerships for addressing developpmental opportunities for young people individually and as members of the wider community.

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
Placement Preparation.
Reflect on, discuss and share personal learning from placement one. Identify personal learning goals and strategies in preparation for placement two. Review and discuss the relevant options open for placement and selecting the berst option for meeting individual learning goals.
Programme Development.
Identifying and preparation of a comprehensive programme that can be delivered as a lead piece in a placement setting. (With the understanding and agreement of placement organisation.) Stages of planning, delivering and evaluating a programme of work using outcomes focus model.
Core competancies.
Using relevant and current sector relevant materials, for example national occupational standards, NQSF, Programme writing documentation.
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work100.00%

Full Time

Course Work
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Marks Out Of Pass Marks Assessment Date Duration
Project Students will have to author a relevant youth work programme. Plan, deliver and evaluate a relevant area of programme delivery using outcomes focus model. Project should be a 'live' project that can be applied in a youth work setting during upcoming placement. 1,2,3,4 100.00 0 0 Sem 1 End 0
No Project
No Practical
No End of Module Formal Examination

DKIT reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload & Resources

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lecture No Description 2.00 Every Week 2.00
Practical No Description 2.00 Every Week 2.00
Independent Study No Description 3.00 Every Week 3.00
Total Weekly Learner Workload 7.00
Total Weekly Contact Hours 4.00
This course has no Part Time workload.
Recommended Book Resources
  • The Wheel 2012, Knowing and Showing Your Outcomes and Impacts, Solid Foundations Dublin
  • Gladwell, M. 2000, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Little Brown
This module does not have any article/paper resources
This module does not have any other resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
DK_HCYWO_7 Bachelor of Arts in Community Youth Work 5 Mandatory