Full Title:Placement 1
Language of Instruction:English
Module Code:PLCE N8144
Credits: 30
Valid From:Semester 1 - 2013/14 ( September 2013 )
Module Delivered in 2 programme(s)
Module Description:Supervised work placement is an integral component of the BSc (Hons) in Health and Physical Activity degree programme. The aim of this full time thirteen week placement is to give students the opportunity to experience the principles and practices employed in a key health/ physical activity setting including, but not limited to, health promotion units within the HSE, local sports partnerships, Irish Sports Council, leisure centres and GAA/ football clubs. Students will have the option to complete their placement internationally, if they so desire. The practical and theoretical experience gained during the work placement will integrate, complement and further develop the skills acquired by the student during their previous years of study.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to
  1. Assess, plan, implement and evaluate an appropriate health/ physical activity programme/ s for a client/ client group that the student is working with.
  2. Cultivate in others a positive attitude towards health/ physical activity and establish the role of appropriate lifestyle interventions in enhancing quality of life.
  3. Apply health promotion, health psychology and communication knowledge and skills in order to enhance health behaviours of a client/ client group that the student is working with.
  4. Identify and examine management and marketing strategies employed in the work placement setting.
  5. Relate theoretical knowledge to its practical application in the work setting.
  6. Establish working relationships as a foundation for continuing professional development and interact professionally as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
No indicative content
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work100.00%

Full Time

Course Work
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Marks Out Of Pass Marks Assessment Date Duration
Written Report Students will be required to complete a reflective report of their experiences whilst on placement. This work will be graded by the Institute Lecturer. The onsite work placement supervisor will complete a performance evaluation of the student/ students under their supervision. This assessment will be marked on a pass/ fail basis by the work placement supervisor. 1,2,3,4,5,6 90.00 0 0 End of Year 0
Portfolio Students will be required to submit a portfolio containing the following documentation: CV, Placement Profile, Code of Conduct, Learning Contract, Induction Checklist, Mid-Placement Progress Report, Hours Record and Diary of Activities. 1,2,3,4,5,6 10.00 0 0 n/a 0
No Project
No Practical
No End of Module Formal Examination
Reassessment Requirement
The assessment of this module is inextricably linked to the delivery. Therefore reassessment on this module will require the student to reattend (i.e. retake) the module in its entirety.
Reassessment Description
Students will be referred to the work placement handbook for specific guidance on disciplinary procedures and reassessment requirements.

DKIT reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload & Resources

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Practical The students working week will consist of 35 supervised contact hours within their host organisation. STUDENTS MUST ACHIEVE A MINIMUM OF 95% ATTENDANCE WHILE ON PLACEMENT. ANY DEFICIT MUST BE MADE UP BY THE STUDENT IN AGREEMENT WITH THEIR WORK PLACEMENT SUPERVISOR. 35.00 Every Week 35.00
Independent Study 4 additional hours independent study will be allocated to the student on a weekly basis to afford them the opportunity to work on their placement report on an ongoing basis. 4.00 Every Week 4.00
Total Weekly Learner Workload 39.00
Total Weekly Contact Hours 35.00
This course has no Part Time workload.
This module does not have any book resources
This module does not have any article/paper resources
This module does not have any other resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
DK_NHAPA_8 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health and Physical Activity 6 Mandatory
DK_NHAPA_8X7 Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Activity (Exit Award) 6 Mandatory