Full Title:Learning for Professional Development
Language of Instruction:English
Module Code:PRPF N8006
Credits: 7.5
Valid From:Semester 1 - 2013/14 ( September 2013 )
Module Delivered in 3 programme(s)
Module Description:The focus of this module is to introduce to the student the professional requirements for clinical practice.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to
  1. Explain preparatory work for their learning experiences.
  2. Describe the structure of the HSE including micro structures that they will encounter on placement.
  3. Discuss the main rules that govern nursing practice.
  4. Discuss the importance of reflective practice in relation to their clinical competence.

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
HSE structure micro/macro level
Unit and National structures. HiQUA
Professional issues
Documentation, confidentiality, consent, advocacy, responsibilty and accountability.
Placement experience
Professional behaviour, supernumary status,reporting mechanisms, reflective practice & preceptorship.
Assessment Breakdown%
End of Module Formal Examination100.00%

Full Time

No Course Work
No Project
No Practical
End of Module Formal Examination
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Marks Out Of Pass Marks Assessment Date Duration
Formal Exam End-of-Semester Final Examination 1,2,3,4 100.00 0 0 End-of-Semester 0
Reassessment Requirement
A repeat examination
Reassessment of this module will consist of a repeat examination. It is possible that there will also be a requirement to be reassessed in a coursework element.
Reassessment Description
Formal Exam

DKIT reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload & Resources

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lecture Group work and discussions this will normally be taught over a 10 week period. 4.00 Every Week 4.00
Lecturer-Supervised Learning (Contact) Case scenarios and problem based case studies. 2.00 Every Week 2.00
Directed Reading Internet site appraisal and selected readings. 30.00 Once per semester 2.00
Independent Study No Description 110.00 Once per semester 7.33
Total Weekly Learner Workload 15.33
Total Weekly Contact Hours 6.00
This course has no Part Time workload.
Recommended Book Resources
  • Sharples, K. 2011, Successful Practice Learning for Nursing Students, 1st Ed., 2-8, Learning matters Exeter [ISBN: 9780857253156]
  • Healey, J., and Spencer, M. 2008, surviving your placement in Health and Social Care, 1st Ed., 2-13, McGraw Hill Berkshire [ISBN: 100335222595]
  • Howatson-Jones, L. 2010, reflective Practice in Nursing, 1st Ed., 1, 4-10, Learning Matters Exeter [ISBN: 9781844453719]
This module does not have any article/paper resources
Other Resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
DK_NINDS_8 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Intellectual Disability Nursing 1 Mandatory
nocode19 Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (Intellectual Disability Nursing Exit Award) 1 Mandatory
nocode20 Higher Certificate in Science in Health Studies (Intellectual Disability Nursing Exit Award) 1 Mandatory