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Module Code: EDUC N7022
Full Title: Introduction to Supervisory Management for the Early Years Sector
Valid From:: Semester 1 - 2022/23 ( September 2022 )
Language of Instruction:English
Duration: 1 Semester
Credits:: 5
Module Owner::
  • Aoife Lenox
  • Caroline McDonnell
  • Carol Hickey (Q329)
  • Gillian Powell
Departments: Nursing Midwifery & Early Years
Module Description: The aim of this module is to introduce students to relevant theories and functions of management, to develop skills in the area of supervision and leadership and to gain the regulatory and compliance knowledge to effectively manage an Early Learing and Care team and service.
Module Learning Outcome
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:
# Module Learning Outcome Description
MLO1 Explore relevant theories and functions of management to handle daily management and growth of an early years’ setting.
MLO2 Recognise the importance of leadership and role models in nurturing a team. Examine innovative and best practice in developing inclusive strategies to ensure equality while building a positive organisational culture.
MLO3 Recognise the importance of leadership and role models in nurturing a team. Examine innovative and best practice in developing inclusive strategies to ensure equality while building a positive organisational culture
MLO4 Examine regulations and discuss policies and procedures to ensure compliance within a fast-changing landscape of the early years sector.
Pre-requisite learning
Module Recommendations
This is prior learning (or a practical skill) that is strongly recommended before enrolment in this module. You may enrol in this module if you have not acquired the recommended learning but you will have considerable difficulty in passing (i.e. achieving the learning outcomes of) the module. While the prior learning is expressed as named DkIT module(s) it also allows for learning (in another module or modules) which is equivalent to the learning specified in the named module(s).
No recommendations listed
Module Indicative Content
Introduction to Management and Management Theories
Review historical perspectives of management. Outline the functions of management, to include planning, organising, staffing, leading, and controlling. Review skills, duties and responsibilities of lead educators, suprvisors and managers.
Business Environment
Evaluate the influence of changes in the macro, micro and internal business environment to the successful running of a business. Identify successful strategies for coping with change and developing competitive advantage
Planning and Decision Making
Breakdown the steps in the planning process and identify effective means to strategic decision making. Develop practices, skills, and know-how in terms of multi-sectoral collaboration that will support them to build relationships with a range of stakeholders
Supervision and Leadership
Design appropriate job descriptions, understand employment legislation. Review current leadership theories and understand contemporary characteristics of a leader such as motivation and delegation including support and supervision procedures.
Financial Management
Achieve a basic competence in spreadsheet fundamentals to manage a cashflow or budget for a business. Review government and state funding programmes and initiatives which can provide financial support to business.
Effective communication lies in understanding the influence of perception, attitudes and developing communication techniques to both deliver the desired message and listen to the recipient. Demonstrate high level interpersonal, intrapersonal and self-awareness skills in all interactions with a wide variety of stakeholders
Regulation, Policies and Procedures
Investigate a variety of regulations requiring stringent policies and procedures in an early years’ setting. Comprehensive knowledge of AISTEAR and SIOLTA in supporting quality.
Module Assessment
Assessment Breakdown%
Module Special Regulation


Part Time On Campus

No Course Work
Assessment Type Project % of Total Mark 80
Marks Out Of 0 Pass Mark 0
Timing n/a Learning Outcome 1,2,3,4
Duration in minutes 0
Assessment Description
Creat a supervisory management initiative/project to support and enhance a positive working culture in an Early Learning and Care setting.
Communicate, collaboarate and gain consensus from your team. Plan its rollout utilising the planning process. Create a budget or cashflow to support the initiative. Evaluate the leadership and management style/theory used.
Assessment Type Practical/Skills Evaluation % of Total Mark 20
Marks Out Of 0 Pass Mark 0
Timing n/a Learning Outcome 1,4
Duration in minutes 0
Assessment Description
Professional presentation of your initiative/project to a professional audience.
No Final Examination
Reassessment Requirement
No repeat examination
Reassessment of this module will be offered solely on the basis of coursework and a repeat examination will not be offered.

DKIT reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

This module has no Full Time On Campus workload.
Workload: Part Time On Campus
Workload Type Contact Type Workload Description Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload Hours
Lecture Contact No Description Every Week 1.00 1
Online Contact Contact No Description Every Week 1.00 1
Practical Contact No Description Once per semester 0.20 3
Directed Reading Non Contact No Description Every Week 2.50 2.5
Independent Study Non Contact No Description Every Week 5.00 5
Total Weekly Learner Workload 9.70
Total Weekly Contact Hours 2.20
Module Resources
Recommended Book Resources
  • Tony Humphreys. (2006), The Mature Manager Managing From Inside Out, Gill MacMillan, Dublin, [ISBN: 13: 978 0 717].
  • Emma Zara O'Brien and Margaret Prangnell. (2015), Childhood, Social, Legal and Health Studies, Gill & MacMillan, Dublin, [ISBN: 9780717168132].
  • Eileen McPartland. (2012), Supervision and Leadership in Childcare, Gill and MacMillan, Dublin, [ISBN: 9780717153428].
This module does not have any article/paper resources
This module does not have any other resources