Programme Short Title Certificate in Archaeological Excavation and Recording with Osteology
Programme Code 8609 Mode of Delivery Full Time, Part Time, Modular, Distance Education - DKIT, Full Time Blended-Learning No. of Stages 1
Semesters Per Stage 1 NFQ Level 8 Programme Credits 15
Language of Instruction English
Field of Study 0210 - Humanities and Arts
Educational Aim of Programme This programme aims to provide participants with an introductory ‘hands-on’ experience of both the on-site work associated with an archaeological excavation and the off-site work associated with post-excavation processing and analysis with a particular focus on the excavation, recording and processing of human bone remains. Participants will be introduced to the aims and objectives of archaeological excavation and the steps involved in the research process that leads to an excavation. They will also be introduced to the range of techniques used and the components of the on-site recording system and the recording of burials. They will participate in a research excavation and also in the recovery of artefacts, environmental samples and human remains where appropriate. It aims to give students an understanding of the principles of the post-excavation process and other aspects of archaeological analysis of artefacts, ecofacts, and human bone remains. It also aims to give practical experience of participating in post-excavation processing, documentation and preliminary analysis. Students will undertake post-excavation processing of artefacts, samples, and human bone remains retrieved during excavation, and will receive training in the work and recording procedures applicable to this stage of the excavation process.
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Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

On successful completion of this programme the learner should be able to :

# Description
PLO1 Demonstrate a knowledge of the range of procedures involved in the excavation, recording and post-excavation processes in relation to both general excavation and the excavation of human remains
PLO2 Critically evaluate the concepts and theories underpinning approaches to excavation design, strategy and recording.
PLO3 Demonstrate an ability to appropriately excavate and record a range of archaeological features, artefacts, ecofacts and human bone encountered on an archaeological excavation site or during post-excavation.
PLO4 Conduct assigned tasks - excavation, recording, finds processing, sample processing, analysis and interpretation and particularly those relating to the appropriate handling of human bone - and perform research as required by course directors
PLO5 Have insights into the integrated approach taken to excavation and recording and post-excavation analysis and the role these play in the process of learning about the past.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Title
Introduction to Archaeological Excavation and Recording with Osteology
Introduction to Post-Excavation Processing and Recording with Osteology